Therapeutic Recreation



 Are you caring for a loved one who cannot be left alone? Soul Circle would be honoured to help out so that you can get a break. Remember we offer therapeutic healing services for those caring can get cared for too! 

Art as Therapy


Art as Therapy can include painting, colouring, jewellery making, sewing, Essential Oil recipes and so much more.

Legacy Art


Legacy Art is art creation which represent your soul. Making art from finger prints, scrapbooking, and so much more.,

Community Involvement


Do you want someone to help you to be connected to the Community again? Soul Circle will help with this. This could include connecting to resources, or helping to remove invisible barriers which may be holding you back.



Sometimes loneliness can the better of us. This service brings Recreation based activities to you. Activities can include; cards, reading, singing, music, nail painting, exercise, walking, and so much more.