Krista’s Story…

Krista understands the tremendous loss that is felt when you lose someone tragically. She is trained and certified as a Death Doula (Thanadoula), Funeral Celebrant, Reiki Master/Teacher and Energy Healer, and Recreation Therapist. From the experience and education she has obtained, she created Soul Circle a company focusing on these disciplines. Krista is trained and experienced, and eager to help guide you on a peaceful journey. 

Krista grew up in a loving home where she had the pleasure of having amazing parents, a brother, grandparents, (which lived an hour away), close friendships, and many aunts, uncles and cousins. She went to school for Recreation Therapy and graduated in 1999. In 2000 Krista was impacted by the worst loss she had ever experienced, her brother Terry, who was 20 years old died as the result of a tragic car accident. She was 23 years old, just graduated from college and on the verge of transitioning from teenage/kid to an adult. Her life had made a drastic switch to a world that she was not familiar with and a world that was in dark contrast. Krista experienced every stage of grief and learned from every experience, and soon realized that grief does not fall into stages smoothly. She learned that through her work as a Recreation Therapist for adults with acquired brain injuries, she could learn from them about similarities her own brother faced. Krista became fascinated with the world of “Comas” and the afterlife, asking questions constantly. 

Krista have experienced grief for a great portion of her life. From her brother (in 2000), to close friends and family; she lost a friend through a tragic fall from a bridge (in 1995), a close friend who died from a tragic life and felt the need to end his own life (in 2001), a friend who she consider an angel, died from throat cancer (in 2016), and close grandparents within 3 months apart (in 2017).

Krista is now a Thanadoula / Death Doula, Reiki Master and Teacher, Crystal Therapist, Funeral Celebrant, educated in Thanatology, and trained in the field of Funeral Services along with a continued sense of wanting to learn.

A Death Doula is a death care guide, who through learned artistry provides emotional, spiritual, and practical well being. This includes caring for the dying as well as the family members that support them. A Thanadoula is the same, only the Thana comes from Thanatos (Greek for Death).

"I am so excited to be on this journey. I know I am on the right path now. Soul Circle is my business name. 'The Soul is a Circle. We need to feed our soul with good energy and clean energy.' My thoughts and my actions are pure, clean, and good energy to help anyone who needs it. May my light help to guide you too!

Peace and love to you,